How Can I Prepare My Children for an International Move?

Moving overseas is a big deal. It involves more than just the logistical aspects of scheduling, planning, packing and transport. It’s about completely abandoning the people, places and culture you’re used to and adopting surroundings that are brand new. This can be challenging for adults, so it’s no surprise that it’s usually even more challenging for children.

How do you prepare your children for such a big change? Are there special considerations you have to make or paperwork to fill out? Find out the answers to these questions – and more – in this post.

How can I logistically prepare to move my kids overseas?

An international move involves a lot of preparation and organization. This includes getting your children from point A to point B and making sure they don’t freak out on the flight. To succeed, you need to make sure you have the important things like school, healthcare and visas in order.

How can I emotionally prepare my kids for an overseas move?

Getting the paperwork together is one thing, but how do you prepare your kids themselves? Here are a couple key tips:

Moving overseas is a complicated process on its own, let alone when you move with children. Make the process easier on you and your family by partnering with Wheaton. We can help simplify your packing and moving, giving you more time to spend helping your kids get ready. Bon voyage!