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Moving tip number four: Play it safe and leave the fireworks behind

August 4, 2009 | Moving Guides & Tips

My three-year-old daughter caught site of the leftover Fourth of July bottle rockets sitting in the corner of the garage the other day. “Daddy, ‘member when you shot the house across the street?” she asked innocently. “Sweetie, didn’t we agree not to talk about that?” I asked in my best fatherly tone.

Indeed, it was an innocent enough question, but it made me think about a few important summer issues related to moving, relocation and storage that everyone should know.

Number one – never shoot off bottle rockets anywhere near another house – unless you have really good insurance and understanding neighbors, or unless you feel comfortable blaming someone else…But I digress.

There are certain items, like leftover bottle rockets, that simply cannot be moved on a moving van. That means you’ll have to move those items yourself or get rid of them – in an environmentally appropriate manner – before the moving crew shows up at your home to pack and load the moving van. Here’s a list of items that you just can’t move:

  • Any aerosol cans
  • Nail polish/remover
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Any type of gas in bottles or tanks, including propane or oxygen
  • Paints, varnishes, solvents, thinners and oils
  • Ammonia, bleach and other household cleaning agents
  • Chlorine
  • Muriatic (hydrochloric) acid
  • Auto batteries
  • Charcoal/lighter fluid
  • Matches and lighters
  • Ammunition
  • Firearms

This is not an issue you want to push with your moving company – moving any of these items can result in serious property damage and/or injuries. Many of these items are simply illegal to ship. Play it safe and leave your left over Fourth of July stash to the new occupants of your home.  Find out more at Wheaton World Wide Moving

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