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“But, I might need it someday”

December 3, 2009 | Moving Guides & Tips

While flipping through television stations the other night, I came across a show about people who hold onto things. Too many things.  Way too many things.  So many things, in fact, that it often debilitates their home life and causes them to live in less than desirable conditions.

Although most of us are not hoarders, as these people are referred to, we tend to be packrats. I like to refer to it as the “I-might-need-it-someday” syndrome, and I’m definitely guilty of it. I moved out of an apartment and into my first home nearly two years ago. I have a stack of five boxes in my third bedroom that I have yet to unpack. Not only have I not unpacked them, I’ve not even touched them. In nearly two years. The saddest part about my moving the boxes is, just that, I moved the boxes. I wasted time, energy and good money on moving things I didn’t need.

When you move from state-to-state, also known as an interstate move, the price of your move is based on two main things: weight and distance. One thing you can’t really control, the other thing you can. That’s why you shouldn’t move the riding lawn mower to an apartment or move tools you never use in the first place.

Learn from my mistakes. Avoid becoming a hoarder and shake the “I-might-need-it-someday” syndrome. You’ll save time, energy and money when you move.

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