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With a promotion comes relocation

December 4, 2009 | Employee Relocation, Long Distance Moves

I have a roommate. I never anticipated having a roommate when I purchased my home two years ago, but it worked out for both parties. She was able to move out of her parents home, and I had extra money in my pocket to spend on all the expenses you don’t account for when you move into your first home.

The bad news for me is that she’s extremely lazy. She’s a leave-dirty-dishes-in-the-sink-for-weeks-on-end type of girl. The good news for me is that she just got a promotion.

Celebration was in order when I found out. Not only because it’s an exciting opportunity for her, of course, but also because she has to relocate…to North Carolina. This is about 650 miles from my house and, luckily, not close enough for her to commute.

Since she found out about her pending relocation two weeks ago, my roommate has had a million questions about relocation. “I can’t fit all of this stuff in my Pontiac. How am I going to get it to Charlotte?” “Should I use a mover?” “How do I choose a moving company?” “What about packing services?” “Will my company pay for me to move?”

Turns out, her company does have a corporate relocation policy. This is good news for her because the company covers all her moving costs, including packing materials and packing services. All she has to do is contact a few moving companies, request a moving cost quote, and tell her employer which moving company she would like to use.

She’s consulted a number of moving resources, one being myself. I directed her to Wheaton World Wide Moving’s Web site. She was able to get a ballpark price and request a free, in-home estimate so Wheaton could answer her questions and give her the best estimation of cost based on her belongings.

The Wheaton salesperson will be out to visit with her later today, and I can’t wait. I know there’s a lot for her to do before her relocation, including washing the dishes, and I plan on helping her any way I can. I’m sure the process will generate some interesting stories in the four weeks before I reclaim my house as my own.

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