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It’s a buyer’s market. Use it to your advantage.

December 10, 2009 | Moving Guides & Tips

A few years ago, two of my friends went through a divorce and sold their home as part of that process. They were lucky enough to put their home on the market before the real estate industry took a sharp downward dive, but it still took several months before they got any real bites on their property.

One glorious day, their real estate agent called to tell them they received an offer on the house, but there was one catch…the prospective buyers wanted everything, yes, EVERYTHING, in the house. Blinds, curtains, kitchen table, couches, chairs, area rugs. Everything.

They were taken aback at first, but realized they may be able to use this to their advantage. Both were moving into much smaller places and didn’t really have room for the furiture in the house. What they did have room for, each were paying moving companies to transport to their new digs.

The couple decided to counter-offer and eventually reached an agreement with the prospective buyers. The final contract included the original asking price of the house, and then some, for the sellers, and the house with all of the furnishings for the buyers. The additional money my friends received above the asking price more than covered the cost of the movers and replacing the items they left in the home.

Before your put your residence up for sale, carefully consider extras that can be included to increase the appeal and the value of your home — and cut moving costs in the process.

In today’s market, discriminating buyers will probably want everything but your family portrait hanging on the wall. Many extras add more value to the house than they actually cost in the first place.

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