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Planning a smooth move

June 4, 2010 | Household Moves

Movers have crossed the threshold of my house four times in the two and a half years I’ve lived there. I had the joy of moving into my first home. Then my roommate joined me. Then my roommate left me. Then my boyfriend joined me. This weekend brings move number five to my household. My boyfriend is leaving me…for a job. He’s headed to an extended temporary assignment in Washington, D.C.

While we’re going to try the long-distance relationship, he didn’t want to have a long-distance relationship with his belongings. Since he plans to be gone for only a year, he had a really difficult time deciding what he should take and what he should leave. He wanted to keep the cost of his move out to D.C., and eventually coming back to Indianapolis, low, but he didn’t want to be without his things.

I advised him that the cost of his move is based on distance and weight, so the less he brought the better off he’d be in terms of cost. The other thing I did was walk through the house with him and have him talk me through what he thought he was going to bring. The consultant from the moving company would have performed a free, in-home estimate — and when he called, she did — but this allowed him to wrap his head around the situation before he had to tell someone else.

Because we took twenty minutes to plan what he would take with him, the moving consultant was able to give a more accurate price right from the start. Sure, the consultant can make adjustments. However, now he has a very clear picture of the costs and the moving company has a clear picture of the time and resources needed to help him.

Creating a roadmap of your plans before communicating that with the moving company can really open the lines of communication and make for a smooth move.

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