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Winter weather takes a toll

February 11, 2011 | Moving Guides & Tips

Frigid temps and frozen precipitation hit the United States hard this year — even in areas that normally don’t suffer. At one point this winter, Florida was the only U.S. state without snow on the ground.

People all across the U.S. have fought the winter weather with heavy coats, boots, gloves and scarves — all of which can clutter up closets and entryways. Fight the mess by following these tidy-up tips:

  • Straighten up the coat closet or hat tree once a week. Put coats that have fallen back on its hanger and move items that are no longer used to a seasonal storage space.
  • Organize shoes and boots so they’re paired up and easily accessible when needed.
  • Keep mates together by clothes pinning gloves and mittens. Keep extras nearby for guests to use.
  • Hang scarves so they can air out and be accessible when needed.
  • Assign a bin to each member of the family in which to keep their hats and other winter-weather gear.

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