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The Small Details of Your Move

June 17, 2011 | Household Moves

During your relocation, it can be easy to forget about the small things that still need to be completed before you head off to your new residence. Don’t forget about the small details during your move. Below is a list of Wheaton World Wide Moving’s Tips #33-42, that will help save you dollars and headaches during your move.

33. Notify telephone, electric, gas and water companies.

34. Notify your cable company and local newspapers to discontinue service.

35. Change your magazine subscriptions.

36. Cancel security company, lawn service or any other type of regular service.

37. Check your bank and savings accounts.

38. Advise your post office of your new address change in advance.

39. Contact former employers and the Social Security Administration.

40. Collect any deposits.

41. Check with your orthodontist, obstetrician, etc.

42. Check your homeowner’s insurance.

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