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How to Pack: Major Appliances

September 6, 2011 | Moving Specialty Items, Packing Guides & Tips

Many appliances require servicing, disconnecting and preparation before moving. Upon request, your Wheaton agent will gladly schedule a third-party to provide these services on your behalf. You may be able to perform most of the requirements yourself. Visit the Wheaton website for more details about moving appliances.

Refrigerators and freezers: These appliances should be emptied of all food. Shelves should be either secured in place or detached and wrapped. The electric cord should be unplugged and taped to the back. Ice-makers should be disconnected from the water line and drained in advance.

Washing machines: Disconnect all hoses and put in a carton. If you choose to place hoses in the tub, be sure to wrap the metal couplings with cloth or paper to avoid damage to the tub’s surface from bouncing or vibration. The electric cord should be unplugged and taped to the back.

On a top loading washer, the washer drum should be secured. The drums in the front loading washers must be secured with bolts provided by the manufacturer. If the bolts have been lost you should contact your local dealer.

Dryers should have the vent hose removed. The electric cord should be taped to the back.

Ask your Wheaton agent if you have any questions and advice about servicing these appliances.

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