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Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

September 6, 2011 | Packing Guides & Tips

Steps you should take on preparing your home for a hurricane:

  • Know Your Risk
    Know the risks that are associated with where you live. Although you may live inland you could still be subject to flooding damage.
  • Flood Insurance
    If you can afford it, flood insurance is a great investment. Learn more at
  • Install Hurricane Straps
    Hurricane straps help fight uplift on your roof and keep it attached to your home.
  • Install and Maintain Storm Shutters
    One of the best ways to protect your home is to install special storm shutters or make your own equivalent out of 5/8″ exterior grade plywood as shown in the blog photo.
  • Install an Emergency Generator
    Power almost always goes out during storms and investment in an emergency generator is one you will want to make early, before demand outstrips supply.
  • Reinforce Garage Doors
    Garage doors can easily get blown in during high winds and once inside, the winds can create tremendous damage to your home. Get your doors reinforced to prevent this condition, it is not that difficult.
  • Remove Trees That Can Fall on Your Home
    This is a hard one but to minimize risk of damage from hurricane, you should make sure no tree is closer to your home than it is tall.
  • Anchor or Remove Potential Wind borne Objects
    Make sure you have no loose exterior objects like BBQ grills that can become airborne projectiles.


For more information, check out FEMA’s Ready America for hurricane preparedness.
Source:, Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane, by Bob Formisano

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