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Keeping the Calm During Your Holiday Move

December 20, 2011 | Moving Guides & Tips

If you find yourself away from loved ones this holiday season due to a recent move, we found some suggestions that can help you deal with the distance.

  • Keep familiar items around you: Objects that remind you of home will help you feel more at home.
  • Invite people over: Chances are you are not the only newbie on the block. Host a small gathering and get to know your neighbors around you. It is important to be around people during the holiday season and this will help you adjust to the new environment.
  • Get out of the house: Explore your new area. Check out the local shops, parks and movie theaters, and get a feel for your new hometown.
  • Make phone calls: Reach out to people you know who may be near or far away and let them know how you are doing.
  • Check out the community: Research the activities going on in the area and make a date to go to a couple events.

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