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What to Expect as you get Ready to Move

December 30, 2011 | Moving Guides & Tips

Plan ahead

A little time and thought can make a big difference in the relocation to your new home. Your local Wheaton World Wide Moving agent will complete a free, no-obligation moving estimate to give you the best idea of cost and range of services available. To save time and reduce costs, check out the weekly planning calendar and money-saving tips in our Planning & Guides section.

Pack it up

Your local Wheaton World Wide Moving agent will gladly handle the packing and crating of all your goods, or only those you select. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, be sure to ask your agent about the self-packing guide and range of quality materials they have available. Our Packing & Unpacking page is a great place to start planning for packing for your upcoming move.

Load it up

On moving day, your driver carefully prepares your belongings for shipment, individually labeling each box to guarantee it won’t be misplaced. The condition of all goods is verified, and a detailed inventory is provided to you; only then are your possessions protected and secured inside the van.

Accept delivery and make payment

Wheaton World Wide Moving establishes firm departure and arrival times, and in-transit information is always available through your local agent or Wheaton’s Customer Service Department. This ensures you are secure in knowing where your belongings are and can adequately plan for their arrival.

At your destination, your driver professionally manages the unloading of your shipment after payment has been received. During this process, you’ll use the original inventory sheets to confirm the safe arrival of all items at your new home.

Unpack it

Wheaton’s packers can help make your transition into your new home a smooth one by unpacking your belongings and removing all the cartons, or you can choose to settle in yourself.

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