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Leave the Packing to Us

February 8, 2012 | Packing Guides & Tips


It’s time-consuming and often overwhelming. But, with the proper planning and approach to packing, you can get moving in the right direction from the very beginning. Wheaton agents offer professionally trained packing crews that can assist you in any phase of your move.

So how do our professional crews pack up the fragile items? Read on:

Plates and Flat China
Larger items should go on the bottom of the carton with smaller items toward the top. Each piece is wrapped individually with several pieces of newsprint (non-printed on of course). Next, three to five wrapped plates are grouped together and are then double layered with newsprint. Each bundle is then stood on its edge, never laid flat.  Additional layers of crumpled paper are added between bundles. To create a second level, it’s helpful to add a cardboard divider.

Glassware and Crystal
These items are always wrapped individually. Never put one piece of glassware inside another. Glassware and crystal should make up the top layer of the carton and placed rim down. Especially fragile items will be packed in a separate carton surrounded by cushioning.

Bowls are individually wrapped and nested two to three together, then wrapped as an entire package. Bowls are placed on end or flat.

Glasses and Cups
Individual wrapping is key. Cups with handles are cushioned with another layer of paper. Items are packed with rims down, and with cushion and layers just like glassware or crystal.

For more information on packing for your move, check out our recommended packing materials list.

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