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Moving Items: Consider the Extras

April 2, 2012 | Moving Specialty Items

Before you put your residence up for sale, carefully consider extras that can be included to increase the appeal and the value of your home — and cut moving costs in the process.

From chandeliers to ceiling fans. Most buyers assume that such fixtures are included with the home. Unless there’s a special sentimental season, they probably should be. Bulky, fragile ceiling fixtures require special packing and handling that will cost money.

Appliances. Consider the age, size and color of your appliances. These are very heavy items and usually require professional servicing before the move and special installation after the move.

Verify type of power. You can prevent wiring damage caused by temperature changes when you unplug all electronic items 24 hours before loading. Then, wait 24 hours at your new residence before plugging them into an outlet.

Hearth and home. They go together. Special fireplace screens and tools are hard to move and may not fit where you’re going. Consider selling them with your home.

Shelving systems. If you have a built-in shelving system, leave it that way. No new owner will appreciate holes in the wall where the shelves used to be.

Satellite dishes. Check to see if the same company services your new city before you move your satellite dish.

Flag poles to basketball goals. Sell them with the house and save yourself time, trouble and money.


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