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May 1, 2012 | Wheaton News & Events

Many relocation customers haven’t finalized their destination and need a safe place to park their stuff. Some might be waiting for a new home to be built. Others might be moving into an apartment that can’t accommodate all of their belongings, and others still just need extra space. Bottom line? If you can’t move it, Wheaton and its interstate agents can store your household goods for as long as you need.

Wheaton agents offer short- and long-term storage options in their warehouses, many of which are military approved and can safely and securely accommodate a variety of moving and storage items. Upholstered furniture is shrink-wrapped for added protection. In many Wheaton agents’ warehouses your property is accessible with 24 hours’ notice.

Your household goods can be stored in a Wheaton agent’s warehouse as part of your interstate shipment for up to 180 days – this is called Storage in Transit (SIT). After 180 days, your shipment will convert to “local” storage. That simply means you’ll begin to be charged a different storage rate than you were originally quoted for your interstate shipment.

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