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Eliminate Rather than Relocate

June 11, 2012 | Moving Guides & Tips

If possible, get a floor plan of your future residence, or make one to scale on graph paper. Try to fit your furniture in the mock-up. If it won’t fit on paper, it won’t fit when you arrive. Which means, you’ll have to make other arrangements.

It’s important to know what you are bringing to your new home and where you are going to put it. Having excess belongings only makes for more stress in the moving process. Read on for suggestions from Wheaton World Wide Moving on making your relocation go a little more smoothly.

-If you’re determined to take your huge outdoor planters, fill them will miscellaneous items instead of dirt. Same goes for a sandbox. There will be dirt and sand where you are moving.

-The workshop is a storehouse of bulky, heavy items. Evaluate them carefully – from the workbench to the tools. It might be advantageous to replace them when you get to your new home.

-Unless your rugs are valuable, or you’re sure they’ll fit and flatter your new residence, get them out.

-A pool table requires extra costs and special handling. To save money, your best shot might be to sell it and then replace it at your new home.

Pianos and organs also require special handling and should be tuned after a move. If they’re an enjoyable part of your lifestyle, move them.

-Eliminate all aerosol cans – hairsprays, shaving creams, deodorants, household cleaners, car cleaners and others. A seemingly innocent can of aerosol can explode and endanger your hold shipment.

Read on for more tips on what NOT to pack

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