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Taking the Stress out of Moving with Kids

July 31, 2012 | Household Moves

How will a child react to the news that you are moving? It’s unpredictable. But parents can make the transition easier by taking measures to make the moving process fun for the entire family. Following are some tips we recommend for getting your kids involved and on board for the big move.

  • Include your children in making plans for the move. Take them house hunting and show them their room before you move in (if possible) to get them excited.
  • Give them a pen and paper and tell them they can lay out their new room. Where do they want to put their bed, dresser, desk? It’s up to them!
  • Ask them how they want to decorate their new room. What color do they want it to be? Let them be a part of the decoration process.
  • Encourage children to make notes for all their friends that include their new home address and home phone number.
  • Have each child pack a special box with their most treasured possessions that they want to take with them on the car ride to the new home. Encourage them to decorate the outside of the box, too.
  • Take a “family break” as soon as the major unpacking is done. Don’t try to do everything when you arrive.
  • If your child is attending a new school, accompany them to school the first few days to ease any tension or nerves.
  • Talk to them about the positives of moving to a new home. A new house to decorate and design, and a new house to bring all their friends and family to!

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