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Wheaton’s National Moving Month Tip #7: Moving with Electronics

May 8, 2013 | Wheaton News & Events

7.  Take pictures of your electronics before you unhook them.

We love our gadgets.  Walking through the average home, there are countless electronic devices hooked up and plugged in.  You might not think twice about these objects…. until you start the moving process. Moving with electronics isn’t easy, especially when the instruction manuals have long since been thrown away. Knowing how to re-hook these electronics just became a bit trickier.  Based on feedback from past moves and helpful tips we’ve heard, we’ve come to this conclusion: take a picture of your electronics before you unhook them.

A visual indicator is always more helpful than straight notes.  It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between wires while looking at a picture, but if you’re just reading a description, well, it becomes a bit more difficult.  We’re very visual people so taking these photographs could take the headache and stress out of setting up these items.

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