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Throwing a going away party

February 18, 2014 | Moving Guides & Tips

Moving involves many emotions.

There’s excitement about what’s ahead. There’s anxiety and fear of the unknown. And, there’s nostalgia about the life you’ve built in your current home. It is easy to let the task-oriented moving to-do list get the best of you. But at Wheaton we understand that moving is far more than just boxes and trucks. Taking time to slow down and unpack your emotions is an important aspect of moving that is often overlooked.
Whether you’re moving, or your friends or family, there are two celebrations that should occur. The first is throwing a proper going away party. The second is hosting a house warming party.  Taking time to plan both parties can help you work through some of the emotion of relocating. It helps you find closure in the old and excitement about the new.
Throwing a going away party:
Collaborate with your neighbors, friends and family to celebrate good times spent together. Downsize before your move, allow your guests to have first dibs on the items that will eventually be donated. Visit our Web site for other downsizing and packing tips.
This is also a great way to establish means of staying in touch. Get creative and make moving announcements with your new address and contact information. Visit our Pinterest page for creative DIY moving announcement ideas.

All good parties…have good snacks. Snacks to munch on will be the icing on the cake to a great going away party. These don’t have to be complicated. In fact – Wheaton will supply you with a list of munching options from our recipes board on our Pinterest page. Request that your attendees bring a side dish or dessert and swap recipes. A great way to discover new snacks! RECIPE
Look out for our blog on hosting a housewarming party later this week.  We know you are busy with your move…let’s do one thing at a time!

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