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St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

March 17, 2014 | Wheaton News & Events

We are almost as excited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as we are for your next move – almost. But the point is, life is short and therefore, we must celebrate whenever the opportunity presents itself. So allow us to assist you in making this St. Patrick’s Day the best yet.

First things first.

To have an appreciation for the holiday, you must know the history. While at a glance, the day may seem to be a celebration dedicated to dying canals and river green, parades, and beer – but do you know why all of these traditions are taking place?

Who is Patrick, anyway?

St. Patrick was born into a wealthy family in Britain near the end of the fourth century. At 16 years of age, Patrick was taken captive and held a prisoner to Irish raiders. The raiders were attacking Patrick’s family estate and took him captive in Ireland, where he would spend six years of his life. He spent most of the years as a shepherd with very little contact with people. These pivotal years played a vital role in his reliance on his faith in Christianity.

With his strong sense of faith, Patrick felt a calling from God to escape slavery and flee Ireland. In order to do so, Patrick walked several miles, escaping to Britain. Once in Britain, he felt another calling to return to Ireland as a missionary. It is believed that St. Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland.

Patrick died on March 17, 460 A.D. Thus, the day is celebrated and associated with everything Irish – which in modern day, means anything we can dye green (beer, rivers, hair and the list goes on). However, for those that are celebrating the traditional day often offer prayers to missionaries around the world.

St. Patrick’s Day made its way to the United States with Irish Immigrants who were passionate about carrying on their traditions and celebrations.

It’s your lucky day!

 The shamrock icon for St. Patrick’s Day comes from the traditional Irish background. It is said that he used the ‘lucky three-leaved clover” to demonstrate the Christian Holy Trinity.

St. Patty’s  Day Snacks & Crafts

 Three leaf cloverSt. Patty’s Day certainly wouldn’t be complete without some crafts and snacks. So be sure to check out our Holiday Snacks board on Pinterest for simple yet festive holiday recipes. Also, be sure to check out our Holiday Craft board, for some fun and festive projects for the day!






Feeling Lucky?

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