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Moving for College Grads

April 10, 2014 | Household Moves

Hey, soon- to- be college grads, this post is for you!
In a few months you will walk across a stage, receive a diploma and go off to purse bigger and better things. This is an accomplishment that will open many doors of opportunity. Where will the opportunities take you?  Whether it’s across the country, or around the world, Wheaton is prepared to relocate your life. The possibilities are limitless and relocating is an involved process.  So where should you start?

Best Cities for Job Seekers

Be realistic in your relocation process. It might sound awesome in theory to pick up and move to Hawaii, where life’s a beach. But it might not be the most practical move, so to speak. Search for jobs before you relocate to your favorite city, simply because it’s your favorite. Where are the best cities for job seekers? Let us help you out:

Get a little guidance with this list of Best Cities to Find a Job in 2022.


If you’re like most recent grads, you are living on a budget. The last four years of school did not come free. When selecting a location you want to be sure it’s an affordable place where there will be plenty for you to do.

Check out this list of most affordable and entertaining cities.

Just for Fun

Okay, now you’ve got the practical part out of the way. Start researching the fun stuff. What are the best cities to fit your personality? Is it the city with an awesome night life? A location rich in history? It’s equally important that the quality of life in the city will be fulfilling to you. Consider your hobbies and interests and whether or not they are comparable with the city. Take this quick BuzzFeed quiz, just for fun, to find out what city you should actually live in. Hey, you never know what you might learn.
Moving Tips (we are a moving company after all)..
As a young twenty-something, you probably do not have many household goods that have piled up over the years. Lighten up your move even more by getting rid of unnecessary items before the move. Make a little extra cash by hosting a garage sale. You can get a fresh start with new or refurbished items when you arrive at your new destination. Wheaton has provided you with a few starter lists that are great for first time movers, including:

AdventureYou’ve already exhausted yourself with researching the perfect city to move to. Leave the relocation process to Wheaton, it’s kind of our area of specialty.

No matter where your bright and successful future takes you, Wheaton is ready to handle your move.  Finding a local agent is one click away.

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