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Using Social Media to Sell Your Home

March 23, 2015 | Household Moves

Social media has modernized the retail market. Instead of just using social media to stay connected with old high school friends, consumers can now buy and sell everything from purses to homes online. For this reason, homeowners and realtors have turned to websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to sell properties.

Use these social media tips to widen your audience base and sell your home more quickly.

Create a Website

One of the first steps to selling your home with social media should include creating a website highlighting your property. You can create a customized website with companies such as Weebly  or WordPress. These sites have designed simple outlines where you can easily upload pictures and write relevant text.

Within a few clicks, you can have a fully functional and informative website that will give potential buyers all the information they need concerning your home.

Here are some things you should include on the website:

  • Contact information
  • Home information
  • Home video tour (on your website and YouTube)
  • Nearby restaurants and stores
  • Neighborhood information
  • Pictures

Once you have created your website, link it to a QR code that you put on flyers, “For Sale” signs, local ads, and other websites.

You should also put your web address on these signs, just in case viewers don’t have QR code scanners. Use your Facebook and/or blog to post the link as well. These links allow potential buyers to get a quick rundown on your property.

Facebook Logo

Post on Facebook

Although most of your friends may not want to buy your house, they may have other friends that need a new home. Make sure you post your home’s website link on your status as well as your home’s listings on other websites. Encourage friends to share your post and spread the word that your home is on the market.

You can also utilize Facebook’s photo album tool to post pictures of your home. Write a detailed caption for each picture and publish the album online. Include a link to your website and home listing in the album description. If you don’t want open access to your home pictures, change your security settings for this album.

You can also upload a video tour of your home. Use your camera or smartphone to give potential buyers a tour around your house. If you have video editing software, include an intro and exit page that posts your address and website link.

Facebook also allows you to create events, which gives you the perfect way to tell friends about your home’s open house. Invite all of your friends and encourage them to invite all of their friends. Include directions and a property flyer in the description area.

This tool also allows you to see who RSVP’d so you know about how many people plan to come.

A few days before the open house day, send a reminder to guests. Also, remember to not over-post on your page. You don’t want to overwhelm your friends.

Find a Social Media Friendly Realtor

Some realtors discourage using social media to sell a home. You should find a realtor that not only uses social media, but also has proficient online skills. These advertising skills can widen your potential buyer audience and help you sell your home faster.

This also takes the social media pressure off of you. You shouldn’t have to worry about selling your home through social media you can trust your realtor to do that for you. While you still should share on your own social media, don’t stress like you have to sell your home alone. Your realtor should manage most of that work on your behalf.

As you navigate the selling process, use these tips to make your home more accessible to buyers. Don’t forget to stay patient as well. The more you can convey a positive attitude, the more welcoming your home will seem to buyers.

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