4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Your Cross-Country Move

You’ve packed up your belongings, said your final goodbyes to your neighbors, handed your keys to the new owner, and piled into your van. It’s time to trek across the country to your new home.

If you’re traveling with kids, here are a few ideas to keep your children entertained and happy during every leg of your trip.

1. Audiobooks

If your kids are prone to dizziness or car sickness, purchase a book on tape or CD. You can also stock your smartphone music store with a wide assortment of books so your children can sit back, relax, and let their imaginations run wild. Popular children’s audiobooks include the following:

Audiobook narrators have a way of instantly drawing readers in, leaving readers captivated throughout the entire book.

Special note: Don’t forget to bring an auxiliary cord. Without one, you won’t be able to plug the audiobook into your car’s speaker system.

2. Movies

Lights, camera, action. If your car doesn’t have a DVD player, don’t worry. You can purchase a portable DVD player for under 50 dollars and set it up between the driver and passenger seat so every child can see the screen. Popular movies include:

If your children aren’t close in age, ask your older kids to occupy themselves with different types of media. You might consider allowing your older kids to use your smartphone or tablet for movies, games, and other fun apps.


3. Games

If your kids tire of movies and books, play one of these road trip games to keep them happy between states.

4. Snacks

To make travel time a breeze, bring a cooler with plenty of snacks and beverages for the entire family. If you constantly have to deal with one son whining because another son stole his cookie, make a special snack case for each child and set ground rules. Here are a list of things you might want to include in the personal snack case:


Make sure to stop for meals every few hours so you and your kids can consume something more filling than snacks. Although the prospect of a cross-country drive might seem daunting, keep your kids happy (and keep yourself sane) with a combination of the audiobooks, movies, games, and snacks listed above.