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Make Moving with Your Dog Easier

December 2, 2015 | Moving Guides & Tips

When you decide to move, you give yourself a chance to start over in a new and exciting location. However, if you have a dog, you have to do a little extra work involved to make sure it enjoys the move, too. Most dogs are quite adaptable, but use the tips below to keep your furry friend as happy, healthy, safe, and secure as possible during your move.

1. Choose Pet-Friendly Housing

It might seem like a no-brainer to secure “pet-friendly” housing when you look for a new place to live. But just because a landlord allows dogs doesn’t mean your pooch will like the place. Look for a home or duplex with a well-constructed privacy fence. Especially after a big move, your dog might try to dig or break through a fence to return to familiar surroundings.

You should also see what kind of flooring the home has. Choose a home with mostly tile or wood flooring instead of carpet. Muddy paws have less of an effect on these surfaces. And lastly, ask your landlord if you can install a doggy door for easy access to late-night potty runs. Chances are good that a pet-friendly landlord will welcome the free upgrade, but double-check to make sure.

2. Update Pet ID Information

You do everything in your power to keep your pet from getting lost. You have microchips and ID tags to help it return safely home if it gets out for any reason. Remember to update these identifications to reflect your new address and home phone number.

Your pet’s microchip should have an online registration. Simply log in to your account and update your address. And you can pick up a new ID at a local pet store. Have your pooch wear both tags for a while just to be safe.

3. Travel Safety

When your moving van is all packed and you drive to your new home, follow these safety tips.

If possible, drive your dog in your personal car prior to the road trip to your new home to help get it used to the car. Dogs should sit in the back seat either in a crate or a harness. You can buy a backseat harness that clips to your dog’s collar. The collar allows your pet to freely move side to side, but your dog can’t fall backwards or forwards if you make a sudden move.

Remember to never leave your dog in a parked car while you pack or unload the moving van. Find a safe spot for your pooch, such as a bathroom or a bedroom. Keep your pet in the room with its bed, toys, food, and water so it doesn’t escape while you attend to other tasks.

4. Settle In

Once you get to your new house, take special measures to make your dog comfortable. Some dogs don’t adjust well to new places and need to be eased into them. Set up a dog area immediately and fill it with all the comforts of your old home, plus a new toy as a reward and distraction. Go on a long walk around the neighborhood to see where other dogs live and let your pooch sniff around.

5. Ask for Help

When you move with dogs, the process doesn’t have to be hard. Bring in a team of family and friends to help you relocate so you can save time and energy to care for your dog correctly. Talk to your vet about ways to ease your dog’s transition to a new home. Add a professional team of movers to your list of helpers to shorten the move time. Your dog will thank you later.

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