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Wheaton World Wide Moving Offers Updater to Help Streamline Your Move

July 5, 2016 | Moving Guides & Tips

There’ s a saying in the office that the real heavy lifting starts before the movers arrive. From forwarding your mail to finding home service providers in your area, there are countless tasks you have to complete in preparation for making your new house (or apartment!) a home.

To save you pre-moving stress and headaches, Wheaton World Wide Moving offers Updater to our customers! If you haven’t heard of it, Updater is a web app that simplifies the moving process. Whether it’s quickly finding utilities providers in your area or updating your magazine subscriptions with the click of a button, Updater will save you hours during your move.

Here’s what you can do with your Updater account:

Update your accounts and records
Frequent flyer accounts, alumni associations, magazine subscriptions —Updater makes it easy to notify the businesses and organizations you care about of your new address.

Forward Your Mail
Save the trip to the Post Office by filling out your official USPS mail forwarding form directly within Updater. Connect

Utilities & Home Services
Updater connects you to the utilities providers you need to set up in your new home. Additionally, Updater’s personalized Moving Concierge helps you find the best deals on Internet, cable, phone, and other home services in your area. It can even schedule installation on your behalf!

Claim Exclusive Moving Deals
Looking to save money on moving supplies, furniture, and more? Updater offers deals at local retailers to help make your wallet happy.

Send Moving Announcements
Don’t forget to keep friends and family in the loop! Updater’s digital moving announcements let you add a personal message and even link to your new address on Google Maps.

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