What to Do With Moving Boxes After You Move

Once the hustle and bustle of moving has settled, and you have unpacked all your belongings, you might find that you’re left with a bunch of empty boxes. For many people, the last step of moving is often clearing away these empty boxes. While you can always throw away the boxes in the garbage can, there are more environmentally friendly ways to use or dispose of your cardboard boxes.

Here are some ways you can dispose of-or use-your moving boxes.

Donate the Boxes to a Charity

Local libraries or schools may need heavy-duty boxes to store books. Call around your neighborhood to see if there are any organizations in need of some extra boxes. This may take some extra time to find an organization in need; however, if you find one, you can feel good about donating your boxes to a worthy cause.

Recycle the Boxes

If your moving boxes were damaged during the moving process, consider recycling them. You can recycle worn out and dirty boxes by breaking them down and taking them to a local recycling bin.

Some cities also pick up recyclable materials upon request. Check with your local recycling center to see if they provide similar services. Ask the recycling center about any stipulations they have about acceptable boxes for recycling. For instance, they may require that boxes be flattened or shaped into a certain size, or they may even require a certain number of boxes to qualify for pick-up services.

Use the Boxes at Home

You may want to use some of your sturdier boxes to store certain items in your home. You can organize items that are rarely used into boxes according to type or value.

Consider breaking down the cardboard boxes and storing them for future use. For instance, if you plan to move in a year, you may want to keep some of your moving boxes on hand. Boxes may also come in handy for wrapping presents during holidays or birthdays.

If you have small children, you may want to use the boxes for creative art projects down the road as well. For instance, you can make a playhouse or dollhouse from large boxes. You might also use the boxes to make creative Halloween costumes.

Sell the Boxes

Many cities have companies who buy and sell moving boxes. You can find such companies by doing a quick Google search of cardboard box companies in your area. Some moving companies may also know of cardboard box companies in your area. Once you have found a company, they will likely pick up the boxes from your home and pay you a small amount for each box.

You might also want to try selling your boxes on websites like BoxCycle.com or ContainerExchanger.com. These websites allow people to buy and sell used boxes for free. Most often, people can sell their used boxes for $.50 to $1.50 per box. You might also consider selling your boxes on a general classifieds website, such as Craigslist.com.

Give the Boxes Away

If you’re not interested in making a profit off of your moving boxes, you can give them away. Keep an eye out for someone in your neighborhood that might need the boxes. You can also post the free boxes on your local classifieds. Consider posting flyers around your neighborhood as well.

If you moved into an apartment complex, talk with the rental office to notify other tenants that may need moving boxes. Apartment managers may also know of tenants who are planning to move soon that could use your boxes.

Try these methods to get rid of your boxes after you move. If you plan to hire a moving company, ask them before the move if they provide box removal services.

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