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The “First Night Box.” What is it?

November 23, 2022 | Packing Guides & Tips

Moving to a new home can be a pretty chaotic time in anyone’s life. When you arrive at your home, boxes are going to be everywhere, which can make finding essential items a bit of a challenge. So, how can you avoid playing a game of hide and seek with simple things like your tooth brush, body wash, and favorite foods? Well, packing a fi

rst night box will help you to keep track of these essential items and avoid chaos the first night in your new home. The following check list will show you which items you should place in your first night box to make your first night experience an enjoyable one.


  • Tooth brush and tooth paste.One of the last things you want to do when you move into your new home is lose track of your tooth brush and tooth paste. Packing these items will ensure that you stay on top of your daily hygiene routine without fail.
  • Soap, shampoo and conditioner. After a long day of moving, you’re going to want to shower and wash your hair. Keeping these items close by will keep you from searching through every box in your house or running out to the store to purchase items you already own!
  • Bathroom essentials. For the first night in your home, you will need items like towels and bath tissue. Including these items in your first night box will save you both time and money. This will also make you feel comfortable in such a new space.

Kitchen Necessities

  • Non-perishable items.The first night in your home will likely mean that you will not have your refrigerator and freezer running. Having a number of non-perishable food items on hand will ensure that you will have something to eat while setting up your new home.
  • Plastic plates and utensils. You will definitely need some plastic plates, cups, and utensils. This will keep you from digging for dishes every time you want a drink or something to eat.

Personal Items

  • Clothing.It may take you a few days to get all unpacked and situated in your new home. Because of this, you will need to include a few days’ clothing in your first night box. By doing this, you will be able to relax and not worry about which box your need to grab your next outfit from.
  • Electronics. After an extensive day of moving, items like your mobile phone and tablet will likely need to be charged. It would be terrible to be in your new home and area with a dead battery. To prevent this, make sure you include all of your chargers in your first night box.


  • Books.When you move into your home, chances are that your cable will not be installed and most of your belongings will still be packed away. To avoid boredom, you may want to include a few books to keep you busy when you’re not unpacking or setting up your new home.
  • Board Games. Board games are a great way to get everyone in your family involved. This will help fight off the terrible moving blues.

Emergency Materials

  • First aid kit.Moving usually comes along with a number of minor injuries. Although they may be minor, they will still need attention. Having a first aid kit in your first night box will make patching up the little scrapes and bruises much easier.
  • Box cutter.During your first few nights, you will spend a great deal of your time unpacking. Having a box cutter handy will help speed up the time you
  •  spend unpacking all of your precious materials.
  • Medication. Moving requires a lot of hard work and heavy lifting. Because of this, you may have a few aches and pains. Packing a few medications along for the ride will help ease the pain you may experience during your move.

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