Considering a Move to Salt Lake? How to Make the Most of Your Relocation

In the past, Salt Lake City, Utah might have seemed like an odd place to move. But Utah has one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country, which means more and more people are moving to this unique state to pursue job opportunities, raise a family, or join the start-up craze.

Whether you’ve accepted a job offer at a company in Utah’s growing “Silicon Slopes” or you want to relocate to an area with fantastic outdoor opportunities, your move to Utah can be a positive experience. Once you’ve scheduled a move with our capable movers, read through the rest of our blog to learn how to maximize your opportunities in the Beehive State.

1. Find the Best Eateries

Once your movers have unloaded the van and you’ve unpacked your boxes, it’s time to start living like a local. Utah might not be renowned for deep-dish pizza like Chicago or spicy Cajun cuisine like Louisiana, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find delicious restaurants with exciting dishes.

If you live in Salt Lake County, don’t pass up a night out at one of these restaurants:

Try one of the above restaurants to treat yourself to something adventurous.

2. Try Local Wines, Beers, and Coffee

Before you move to Salt Lake City, your friends might warn that you won’t be able to find good alcohol or even good coffee in the area. But if you do drink alcohol or coffee, you’re actually in luck. It might have fewer coffee shops and microbreweries than in Portland or Seattle, but Salt Lake City creates some of the best drinks in the state. Treat yourself to one of these beverage joints once you’re settled:

Two of the restaurants we mentioned above, Mazza and the Red Rock Brewery, also offer a fine selection of wine and beer.

3. Learn About Utah’s Quirks

Like any region, Utah has a few quirks that might take some getting used to. Here’s an insider’s guide to a few things to prepare yourself for:

Of course, not all quirks are bad. You’ll enjoy some of the following traits and features:

Finally, only true Utahns know this unique spelling quirk: in spite of what the dictionary says, it’s spelled “Utahns,” not “Utahans.”

Look Forward to Your Move

When you move to Salt Lake City, you can look forward to a vibrant culture with some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world. Try some of the tips and enjoy some of the traits we listed above and you’re sure to love your new home.

As you plan your upcoming move, get in touch with the quality movers at Wheaton World Wide Moving-we’re happy to make your move to Utah a smashing success.