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How a Professional Mover Makes Your Transition More Cost-Effective

January 17, 2017 | Moving Guides & Tips

When you think about the costs of an upcoming move, you may think that renting a truck and handling the process on your own will cost less overall. While moving yourself can work in some situations, it can also have disastrous consequences, as discussed in our blog “Taking on a DIY Move? Why This Can be Problematic.”

One of the biggest reasons not to move without professional help is because DIY moving can waste money. In this blog, we expand on the reasons why hiring a professional moving company is often more cost-effective than working with just the services you and your friends can provide.

Access More Resources

The prospect of moving yourself may motivate you to cut corners when it comes to equipment or materials. For example, you may hesitate to rent a dolly cart because you believe you can carry everything in your home.

Moving companies have access to equipment that you don’t on your own. These resources lead to a safer, more efficient, more cost-effective process.

Combine Your Expenses

When you move on your own, you have to account for many individual expenses. You have to pay for packing materials, a rental truck, fuel for the truck, mileage rates for the truck, and more. Because you look at each expense on your own, you may feel like you’re making cost-effective decisions.

However, these expenses can add up quickly, as we’ll explain in the materials and complications sections. When you work with a mover, not only do you receive an informed estimated cost, but you also combine almost all your costs into one sum so you actually know how much you’re spending on the transition.

Create a Definitive Schedule

Uncertainty can make your move more stressful, but did you know it can also make the process more expensive? When you can’t give definitive predictions for how much time packing, loading, travel, or unloading will take, it could cost you money.

For example, many people who move on their own have to miss longer periods of work. Similarly, rental items may cost you more the longer you have them. Driving in an unfamiliar area in a vehicle that’s larger than you’re used to could increase the cost of your transportation.

Professional movers can set a more definitive schedule, allowing you to make informed decisions and avoid the financial loss that can come from lack of planning.

Get Better Materials Without Paying Extra

One of the largest expenses during a move is packing materials. You need numerous boxes in many different sizes as well as bubble wrap, packing tape, butcher paper, and other moving essentials.

Cross this expense off your budget by working with a team of movers. Moving companies have all the necessary supplies in their inventory and don’t charge extra when you need a specific box size or use more packing tape than expected.

Protect Your Belongings

Think about the fragile or valuable belongings in your home. If one of these items got dropped, bumped, or scratched by a family member who was helping you move, you would have to pay for any repairs or a replacement out of your own pocket.

When you work with movers, the risk of property damage decreases due to the experience and tools the team has on hand. Additionally, most moving companies offer valuation options to ensure that your items are covered should an accident happen.

Reduce the Risk of Expensive Complications

When you handle a move on your own, you have to work with many unpredictable factors. Last-minute expenses can start to add up quickly, especially if you don’t have a lot of practice moving. For example, newly married couples will have significantly more items to pack and transport than the individuals each did during their last move.

If you experience an injury, have to rent additional equipment on the day of the move, or forget an important step, you could dramatically increase the overall cost. When you hire professional movers, most of these issues are covered.

Shorten Your Move Time

Professional movers and packers often have years of experience completing move-related tasks that you may only attempt once every few years. These experts pack, load, unload, and deliver items to their designated places as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, most moving teams include many workers who all have the capability to lift heavy items, solve issues related to oddly shaped items, and foresee potential problems. Even if you have many volunteers working with you at your current location and at your destination, the process will take more time when you rely on inexperienced workers.

Take advantage of the expertise and resources that professional movers bring to the table to simplify your next move.

As you plan for an upcoming move, discuss your options with the reputable and experienced experts at Wheaton Worldwide Moving. We can help you determine the most cost-effective way to transition from your current house to your new home, no matter how far apart the two properties are.


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