Moving to Paradise: Tips for Living Hawaiian Style

Pristine beaches, delicious food, and the spirit of aloha. It’s no surprise you’re considering a move to the Hawaiian Islands. But island life may be unlike anything you’re used to. Follow these tips to learn how to live Hawaiian style.

Learn the Language

Anyone planning to live in Hawaii needs to know how to communicate with the locals. Recently, the US Census Bureau recognized Hawaiian Pidgin English as an official language in the Islands.

Pidgin draws from a variety of languages, like traditional Hawaiian, Filipino, and Japanese. Some commonly used words and phrases include:

If you want to order lunch or understand the weather report, make sure you start building your Pidgin vocabulary.

Respect the Culture

Hawaii is rich in cultural diversity. As such, there are many customs that locals take very seriously. As you explore your new home, make sure to follow these cultural dos and don’ts.



Hawaii’s residents are some of the warmest and most welcoming people you’ll ever meet-so long as you respect the aina and their culture.

Start Saving

Second only to New York City, Hawaii averages the highest cost of living in the US. Hawaii imports nearly everything. Pad your savings account and be prepared to pay twice as much for groceries, clothing, and gasoline.

Even just the cost of moving is a huge expense if you bring all your belongings from the mainland. Airline checked-baggage fees and post office shipping rates can be astronomical. Besides, you can’t fit a sofa in the overhead compartment or mailbox.

To streamline your expenses, consider hiring a professional moving company to help you relocate. Professional movers can pack your belongings and ensure they make it safely across the Pacific Ocean.

Relocating to the Islands is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Follow these tips to stop looking like a tourist and start living like a local.