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6 Tips for Packing Music, Movies, and More

July 14, 2017 | Packing Guides & Tips

Some of the most challenging items to prepare for any move are your large collections, whether those collections consist of figurines, books, or your favorite films. While you may not think of your media discs immediately when considering fragile items, these discs can easily be scratched, cracked, or snapped if packed incorrectly.

When you pack up your CDs, DVDs, video games, and other forms of entertainment media, use the six tips below.

  1. Sort Beforehand

No matter how you organize your media library, you’ll want to go through your collection before any move. As with all of your belongings, you should set aside any items that you don’t want any more for resale or donation.

You may also want to sort out items that are damaged or outdated. Test all discs with visible damage to determine whether those DVDS, CDs, or game discs require replacement.

Pack any uncommon media mediums separate from your primary collection. For example, any records, cassette tapes, or VHS tapes should be packed separately from your DVDS to ensure proper packing.

  1. Use Protective Cases

As much as possible, pack your media library for transport in its original protective cases. These cases function similarly to the covers of hardcover books during transportation, shielding the most vulnerable portion of each item from any jostling or impact.

Additionally, these cases simplify your organization and labeling efforts by making it simple to identify each item when you unpack.

If you do not have all your original cases, check for any available cases you may have around the house, such as generic blank CD cases. Consider investing in individual hard cases or a multi-disc case.

If these options do not work for you, at least place the discs in plastic sheaths and put those loose discs in their own box, such as a shoebox.

  1. Line Your Boxes

Much of the potential damage that could impact your media library during a move comes from pressure on the sides, bottom, or top of the shipping containers. To diminish this pressure and therefore reduce the risk of crushed or shattered discs, line your boxes before packing.

Use crumpled butcher paper, packing peanuts, or newsprint along the bottom of your box before you start putting individual items into the container. Additionally, fill in any gaps with paper, including those that may exist between the upper items and the box lid.

  1. Pack Spine Up

Once you have prepared your boxes, begin placing your media library items into the containers. Rather than laying the cases flat in the bottom of the box, pack each item with the spine of the case facing upward.

This position creates the least amount of strain on the case and its contents during transportation while providing the additional benefit of easy item identification.

Pack all of your cases of one size before moving to your next media medium. For example, you could pack Blu-Rays, DVDs, and PlayStation games in the same box, but wouldn’t want to line regular CD cases up with these items.

Take extra care when packing items that don’t have a lot of protection, such as records in paper sheaths. You may need to use more padding to make these containers safe for these vulnerable items.

  1. Label Clearly

If your media library takes up more than one box, it may be easy to get items mixed up. Refer back to your organizational system to ensure that each container receives the appropriate labels. For example, if you organize alphabetically, it may be useful to label boxes “DVDs A-C,” “DVDs C-F,” and so on.

In addition to identifying labels, be sure to clearly designate each of your media library boxes as fragile.

  1. Place Media Boxes on Top

Whether you plan to load your moving vehicle yourself or have professional movers handle the heavy lifting, ensure that your media library boxes stay on top of any stack that they become part of. Media items do not have a lot of heft and can, therefore, be crushed by heavier items easily.

If your collection includes items of significant value, either as a collectible or a memento, consider packing these media items into the luggage that you’ll keep with you while you travel. In addition to giving you some peace of mind, this step can provide you and your family with ready music, film, or other fun on the trip.

Use these guidelines to ensure that your media library arrives at your new home ready for family movie nights, video game marathons, and sing-a-longs.

If you have questions regarding the best practices for any item you plan to take with you on your move, consult with your chosen professional mover or hire a packing service to handle your most vulnerable items.

At Wheaton World Wide Moving, we have experience with moves of all types and sizes. Our specialists will be happy to help you transport any item without damage, from bargain DVDs to collectible cassettes.

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