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5 Benefits of Partnering With a National Moving Company

November 29, 2017 | Moving Guides & Tips

The moving process involves numerous decisions, from securing a new home to sorting through your belongings. For many homeowners, choosing which national moving company to partner with is one of the most difficult decisions to make during this time period.

After all, the moving company you partner with will be in charge of handling the accoutrements of your everyday life, including many items that are of great monetary or even sentimental value to you.

The right moving company for you can depend on a variety of factors, including the services offered by each. However, often a national moving company is a smarter choice than a local one. In this blog, we list five reasons to move with a national team.

  1. Better Efficiency

Like many other local establishments, local moving companies can offer high-quality services, but at a significantly slower pace than their national counterparts.

This lack of efficiency can lead to missed opportunities and extra expenses. For example, a homeowner may not be able to sign a particular lease because they can’t schedule their move soon enough.

National moving companies are constantly expected to meet deadlines and fulfill expectations, even in complicated situations. These movers tend to be more efficient and, in some cases, can also be more reliable overall.

While some local moving companies have the right tools to keep their moves on track, not all do and it may be difficult to determine if a particular local mover can provide what you need.

When you work with a national company, you know your information and possessions will be transferred efficiently and, usually, with the latest technology and methods. For example, many larger companies offer online tracking of their deliveries.

  1. Broader Capabilities

Many local moving companies are also relatively small businesses. This smaller size often means a smaller truck fleet, fewer pieces of equipment and fewer people per moving team. Local movers may not have the capabilities to handle large-scale moves, long-distance transitions or specialty items.

When you work with a national company, you decrease the risk of coming across a service your mover can’t provide partway through the transition.

Additionally, national movers often design service packages to address the needs of specific individuals. If you’re anticipating a military deployment, handling a particularly large family move or transitioning to a university campus, your mover may offer discounts or special services to account for your particular situation.

  1. Easy Access at Both Ends

Often, national moving companies, especially van lines, have numerous locations with local agents. When you move with these companies, you may work directly with an agent in your current location as well as one near your final destination, making for convenient contact when you need to talk to a representative.

Additionally, because national companies have multiple locations, you’re more likely to find storage and other short-range solutions at convenient distances. For example, your mover may transport your belongings to your new hometown and store them at the local office until you officially move in.

  1. More Services and Resources

In addition to broader capabilities as discussed in section two, national moving companies also tend to offer more services and resources. For example, national movers are more likely to offer storage options, packing services and moving insurance.

Your national moving company is also more likely to have broad experience that will benefit you as you work with them. You can get access to valuable moving checklists, guides and other resources to streamline your move.

  1. Professionals at Every Level

As mentioned in section three, national moving companies often employ local agents to work with homeowners in their region. These agents are specifically trained for sales and logistics, while the movers who come to your home have pertinent experience with packing, loading and transportation.

This setup ensures that whether you need to change an aspect of your contract or pack up a valuable and fragile item, you will be dealing with a professional who is highly qualified for his or her specific job.

When you work with a local moving company, you may end up partnering with a much smaller team that may have limited qualifications and resources. In the worst case scenario, these shortcomings could lead to damage or loss of your items.

Additionally, local movers may not even disclose to you that the same people who work their reception desks also draw up all the paperwork and participate in loading or unloading, even if this overlap potentially leads to overworking and greater risk for your belongings.

Weigh the benefits listed above as you decide which moving company to entrust your belongings to.

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