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Q & A with 2017 Wheaton Agent of the Year Owner, Rolf Olson

January 25, 2018 | Wheaton News & Events

Last week, we had the privilege of sitting down with Rolf Olson, owner and president of Capital City Transfer, Inc. Capital City Transfer, our Wheaton agent in Verona, Wisconsin, took home the 2017 Wheaton Agent of the Year award from our 63rd Annual Partnership Conference in November. We asked Rolf to share with us the secrets to his success in the moving business. Here’s the transcript of our interview (edited for clarity). You can view the video in full here:

Question: Give us a brief background on your agency.

RO: We’ve been with Wheaton Van Lines since 2009; previous to that we were with Bekins Van Lines since 1976. I’m a second-generation owner. We’re in Madison, Wisconsin—Verona, which is a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin. We have approximately 10-15 long-distance trucks and run a 30,000-sq.-ft. warehouse facility.


Question: How did your team feel about their Agent of the Year win?

RO: Oh, they were very excited about that. They thought it was fantastic. Of course, I always distribute anything that we get, so with the funds that came with it, they got a couple of dinners and what have you. So, very excited about that, they loved the recognition, and it’s a nice mantelpiece that we have as far as the award in our entryway.


Question: What are some factors that contribute to Capital City’s success?

RO: I think the diligence, as far as the training that we have internally. People that care, long-time employees as well as it being a semi-family business—I do have my son and my daughter both involved in the business as well. A long-term General Manager as well as a lot of long-term drivers and regular employees.


Question: What are some future goals for you and your business?

RO: I guess just continued growth, as far as that’s concerned. Some more accolades for anything that we’re doing, whether it’s growth aspects, quality aspects or what have you. A lot of those things through the Wheaton system are very nice and appreciated.


Question: What is your favorite thing about working in the moving industry?

RO: Probably the constant contact with all sorts of different people that you talk to. There’s a constant learning curve in the moving industry, not necessarily—but a little bit—with the business itself, but the new people that you meet, both as far as employees and contractors as well as customers.


Thanks for chatting, Rolf, and congratulations again to Capital City Transfer!

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