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What Are The Easiest Ways To Save Money While Moving?

September 6, 2019 | Moving Guides & Tips

The best way to save money during a move is to identify and prevent any unnecessary expenses. First, downsize as much as possible. Never move anything you don’t absolutely have to move. Then, plan ahead. If you are moving something, move it carefully and properly. 

Making a plan for your move doesn’t just help you manage stress; it also helps you reduce expenses. Figure out what you need to move, make a plan for moving it and make sure you’re moving it safely. A safe, well-planned move will always cost less in the end than a chaotic, rushed move. Plus, you’ll feel a lot better about it! Here are the best ways to reduce expenses and enjoy a better move at the same time: 


This is easily the #1 way to save money moving–and it’ll make a big difference in your life, too. Your move gives you a perfect opportunity to take inventory of your belongings. What do you use? What do you need? Did you forget you even had what you’re looking at now? As you begin packing, consider what you really need to bring with you. If you don’t need something, set it aside to dispose of or donate. 

Moves are the perfect time to try downsizing because you have a built-in incentive to want fewer things. The fewer items you need to pack, the cheaper your move! Try to overcome your (understandable) sentimentality and consider each of your belongings practically. Think of it this way: if this belonging wasn’t in your new home, would you notice it was gone? If the answer is “no,” then you should feel fine getting rid of it. You’d be amazed how much money you can save downsizing, so don’t succumb to nostalgia! 

Plan Ahead

The more you can plan out your move, the smoother it will go. The smoother the move goes, the less time and money it will cost. We don’t just mean “hire a moving company” or “label your boxes,” either–we’re talking specifics. You should know your new home’s floor plan. Figure out exactly where everything’s going, how it’s getting there and who’s moving it. Measure doorways to make sure things fit. Assign specific rooms and jobs to your co-movers. Ask and answer questions.

Planning ahead saves money because it allows you to account for possible challenges. You won’t have to waste valuable time accommodating the unexpected. If you know your fridge won’t fit through a doorway, you can come up with another plan before the appliance gets in the house. If you know your car can only handle so many boxes, you’ll know how many trips to make. The more proactive and informed your move, the more money you’ll save. Never underestimate the power of planning ahead! 

Make Fewer Trips

With so many other moving expenses to keep in mind, it’s easy to forget the simple logistical traveling expenses. Unfortunately, however, those logistical expenses are significant. Gas isn’t cheap, after all. The more trips you make to and from your new home, the more those expenses add up. With multiple vehicles making multiple trips, those expenses add up even faster. Weighing down cars with heavy moving boxes makes them use up gas faster, too. 

How much does it take you to fill up your car with gas? Multiply that number by how many cars you’ll be using to move. Then, depending on how many trips you take, multiply that number by two or even three. Pretty soon, you’ll be looking at… a large number. Take whatever steps you can to limit the amount of driving you have to do during a move. Renting a moving truck or hiring movers can really help with this. Downsizing can, too! 

Be Careful! 

Moving is enough of an investment even if you don’t break anything. In our experience, investing in proper protection for the items you’re moving is always worth it. Buy sturdy, proper moving boxes and fill them with insulation. Utilize proper moving equipment like dollies and straps. Find the proper storage equipment for specialty items like kitchenware or appliances. Take the time to make sure everything is properly secured and accounted for. Never rush. 

Remember: taking the time to be careful is always worth it, no matter how overwhelmed you feel. Even if preparing properly means taking more time and spending more money, it only saves both in the end. Make special accommodations for particularly fragile or valuable items, even if it means spending extra money. If you’ve hired professional movers, consider moving protection. Invest in all the proper safety equipment, and never cut corners. Only move in daylight, and never strain yourself to carry too much or too quickly. Don’t listen to your anxiety: safety is always worth the time.


A planned, well-executed move will always save you money in the end, even if it costs more upfront. The less you move and the safer you move it, the more money you can save.

If you want help planning a safer, more cost-effective move, get in touch with Wheaton any time. Our moving experts can help make sure you have as safe and efficient a move as possible. If you want to save money and have a safer, better move, Wheaton is the service for you.

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