How Do I Prepare for an International Move?

Moving is a big undertaking. There are calls to make, plans to come up with, lists to double-check and… about a thousand other things to juggle. Compound all this stress and work with the fact that you’re moving to a whole new country, and it starts to feel insurmountable! Just moving down the block can feel hard enough; where do you even start with an international move?!

Well… you can start right here. Wheaton has a lot of experience helping coordinate and execute international moves successfully, and we’ve learned a lot about how you can make your big move a success. These are our best tips on how to start logistically, personally, legally and emotionally preparing for a move to another country. Keep all this in mind as you start planning your move, and you’ll already be starting your new life off on the right foot.

What logistical preparations do I need to make?

To make your international move work, you’re going to need to keep your logistics in order. Keep these important things in mind:

What legal preparations do I need to make?

Legal preparations start with knowing where the right paperwork is at all times. It ends with the complicated process of emigration. We don’t have time to walk you through the emigration process today, but we’ll guide you to the right place to look to learn more. Important legal preparations include:

What personal preparations do I need to make?

The biggest part of an international move will be the legal and logistical plans you make, but they aren’t the only big adjustments you’ll have to work out. There will be emotional and personal changes to account for as well! You’ll want to:

The final preparation you’ll need to make is to find the right moving company to partner with. Wheaton has years of experience providing people with efficient, effective packing and moving services. Give us a call today to see how we can help you start the process of planning your international move.