What Can I Get Rid of Before I Move?

Letting go of outdated, unneeded or expired possessions is at the top of many people’s to-do lists. It’s also one of those tasks that can be such a headache that it never gets checked off those to-do lists. The perfect time to tackle this job is while you’re preparing for a move. After all, you’re already going through all your possessions as you pack! You might as well take this time to downsize and declutter. Plus, there’s a built-in incentive to declutter more than you might usually: the more stuff you get rid of, the less you have to pack!

We’ve already discussed how to downsize. In today’s post, however, we’re going to cover exactly what you should focus on getting rid of during your downsize. These are all the items you should consider discarding before your move, divided up into easy-to-understand categories:

Stuff you don’t use anymore.

Just because you’ve had something for a long time doesn’t mean you need to hold onto it. Some things just need to go, even if they were well-loved in their time. When you’re working through your downsize, focus on anything you don’t have to use anymore, such as:

Stuff you have too much of.

Some things tend to accumulate… and accumulate… over time. Usually, there’s a (relatively) logical explanation as to why these things keep multiplying. Sure, they’re things you need! Yeah, they’re things that are easy to buy and forget about. Wow, that was quite a sale! Or maybe they were even gifts! There are reasons why you seem to keep collecting stuff. However, if you’re honest, you may find that you have one or two too many of these accumulating things. Or three too many. Or 20 too many.

Pretty soon, you might realize the duplicates of your duplicates are accumulating you right out of your home! Moving is a perfect time to put a stop to the heretofore endless accruing of things you “need.” Cut down to the essentials during your downsize by re-homing your extra:

Stuff you didn’t even know you had.

While you’re going through things before your move, you’re likely to discover items you didn’t know you had. Don’t fall for the excitement of discovery. Most of the time, there’s a reason you forgot about these things–and they’re perfect targets for your downsize. Sell or rehome each of the following:

Stuff that won’t fit in your new home.

Sometimes things that fit in one space won’t serve the same purpose in another. Whether it’s because of their size, shape or use, it’s time to downsize! A new home is a chance at a new start. These sorts of things include:


Now that you know exactly what to get rid of, the task of doing it is less daunting. Once you’ve gone through all your things before a move, you’ll still need to transport what’s left.

That’s where Wheaton comes in. Give us a call today! We have the years of packing and moving expertise to help you get your things from point A to point B safely.