How to Move Safely During The Pandemic

Our highest priority at Wheaton is the health and safety of our customers and our employees, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our agents across the country are following CDC guidelines by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), washing their hands frequently, and staying home if they’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. There are also things you can do as a customer to safeguard yourself and your family even more! Follow our five steps to move safely and help keep your family healthy and happy during your move! 

Wipe down high-traffic touchpoints 

While our crew will wash their hands frequently during your move, you can help even more by wiping down high-traffic touchpoints like door handles and light switches, for example. Wipe down these areas before the crew arrives, a couple more times during the packing and moving process, and then again once the crew leaves. 

Wear a mask 

When our crew enters your home, wearing your mask is an easy way to ensure safety during your move. Don’t forget to keep your mask on hand to wear again when the crew delivers and unpacks at your new home. 

Limit the number of people in your home 

While the Wheaton crew is loading your belongings into the truck, you only need one person available to supervise and answer any questions that may arise. If possible, send the rest of the family out for the day to limit the number of people in your home. This is especially important if you have young children. They often don’t understand or remember to practice social distancing. 

Maintain a 6-foot social distance

Handshakes are going the way of the typewriter as we all practice social distancing. So, when you open the door to our crew, please step back to let them in with a wave!

Wear gloves while you unpack 

Once our crew is gone and you’ve followed our tips on how to move safely, you’re probably feeling pretty tired. However, you still have unpacking ahead of you. Keep yourself safe by wearing gloves as you handle the boxes. In addition, throw away the boxes—or quarantine them—rather than immediately passing them along to a new owner. 

At Wheaton, our top concern is the safety of you, our drivers, and crew. That being said, please do all that you can to help us make your move as safe as possible! If you’re looking for a professional moving company, get in touch with Wheaton today! 

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