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Pros and Cons of Moving in the Winter

December 22, 2020 | Moving Guides & Tips

The peak moving season is from April to September. It’s estimated that 80% of Americans will move during that time. Maybe they’re onto something. Or maybe they haven’t considered the benefits of moving in winter when demand is down and deals on homes and movers are abundant.

No one wants to carry a box filled with priceless crystal heirlooms down an icy sidewalk while 20 below winds blast their face. But moving in winter doesn’t have to be a blizzard of disappointment. Whether you’re moving in winter because of circumstances or because you want to take advantage of the down season, we can help you make the most of your move.

Should I Move in Winter?

The biggest problem is that winter is unpredictable. Depending on where you live, you run the risk of weather conditions ranging from balmy bliss to face-numbing whiteout. On the other hand, people move all year round, and there are advantages to every season.

The Pros of moving in the winter:

Less competition for homes. There may be fewer homes for sale in winter, but there’s also less stress finding the right one. Buying a home in the winter means avoiding the spring feeding frenzy with its potential bidding wars.

Fewer distractions. During summer, the last thing you want to do is spend a month packing up your home. Winter is a great time to get it over with so you can enjoy the weather when it counts.

Cool weather. Assuming it’s not face-numbingly frigid the day you move, cooler weather is nice. It keeps you from overheating and lessens your risk of dehydration or exhaustion.

Holiday hours. Many businesses close around the holiday season. If you plan your move to coincide with your time off, you won’t miss work.

Save money on your home. Houses are a better value during the winter. While the listings are fewer, you stand to get more house for your dollar.

Save money on your mover. Most movers offer off season discounts and deals. We’d love to pass our moving discount on to you and make your winter move as smooth as an Olympic ice skating rink.

Why Shouldn’t I Move in Winter?

Then again, are the risks of a winter move more than you’re comfortable with? Everyone has their threshold, and it may depend upon where you live. A reliable moving company that takes most of the guesswork and physical work out of your move could be the answer. Weigh your options carefully.

The cons of moving during the winter:

Cold temperatures. A nice cool moving day is ideal, but blowing snow and freezing temperatures can make the job miserable. Dressing in layers and hot cocoa can ease the frostbite.

Icy sidewalks. One wrong step might move you to the emergency room instead of your new home. Make sure you have salt and grit on hand when facing icy conditions. Remember to not only salt the sidewalks and driveway, but also to put down floor coverings to protect your carpet or rugs while walking in and out of the house during loading. If you hire a mover, the crew will bring the coverings, but you’ll still be responsible for salting the sidewalks and driveway.

Water damage. Snow and sleet can damage your furniture and belongings. A good mover can help you prep for the worst and wrap your items accordingly.

Holiday celebrations. Holidays are a special time for families. You don’t want to miss out on gatherings or your grandma’s cookies because you’re packing boxes. Careful planning and professional assistance can take the stress out of a holiday move, leaving you more time under the mistletoe.

Travel. If you’re moving to another town or state, you’ve got some distance to cover. Travel can be difficult during the winter months when roads are icy and visibility is compromised. Having someone else drive your moving van might be the fix to ease your mind.

School changes. Relocating may mean your children change schools. While winter moves can mitigate changes by occurring between semesters, you can make moving easier for kids and avoid interrupting their school year by moving in the summer.

Make the Best of Your Winter Move

Moving any time of year is easier when you have a reliable mover who can properly prepare you for your big change and see you through it safely. Call or contact Wheaton today to take advantage of our seasonal discount and see how we can make your winter move a positive experience for everyone.

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