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Valentine’s Day: Here Are 5 Things to Love About Moving Day

February 10, 2021 | Household Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

With February being the month of love, we wanted to share our love of moving with you. From expert moving day tips to professionals ready to help with every step of your transition, we’re spreading that love to your neighborhood. It may not always be easy, but moving day can be fun.

Most people don’t use “love” and “moving” in the same sentence, but we’re working to change that with each customer. Before your big date, we thought we’d try to soften things with an upbeat heart to heart. Here are five things to look forward to on your moving day.

1. Moving Day is Here!

The fact that you made it this far is cause for celebration alone. Sure, there’s lots to do and you might be unpacking for weeks, but the end is in sight. Take a moment to celebrate how far you’ve come.

Transitioning a whole household or business isn’t an easy task. Whatever blood, sweat and tears you’ve shed are behind you now. You stand on the precipice of a new chapter in your life; it’s time to look forward.

2. Getting Expert Moving Help and Advice

With Wheaton, your agent always has your back. When you need boxes for the kids’ toys, bubble wrap for your fragile artwork or just another seven rolls of packing tape, we’ve got you supplied. If you have questions about logistics or how to best pack, we’ve got resources.

When the day comes, our team will be ready to take the load off your shoulders and put it onto our truck. Making moving day fun is easy when someone else does the heavy lifting.

3. Moving Day Means A Fresh Start

A new home or new office means a fresh start. There’s no better time to throw out or donate the things you no longer need (such as you don’t want to pay to move) and start anew. You’ll have new neighbors to meet, new eateries to discover and new memories to make. Your move is a starting point for bigger things.

If you’re moving to a new city or even a new country, today is the day your adventure officially begins. We love assisting our customers with the big changes in their life. A change of address is an opportunity to change yourself.

4. Make Moving Day a Party

Want to know how to enjoy moving day? Make it a party. Invite a friend or two, and ask them to pitch in. With food and refreshments at the ready, the mood will never sour. Make your moving day an event to remember.

If you have kids, make it a party for them too. Or better yet, let them stay with grandma or with a friend for the weekend. They’ll be happier, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about them on top of everything else.

5. Saying Goodbye

A big transition means you’re saying goodbye to something. Whether you’ve been living in your current home for six months or twenty years, make sure you take time to say goodbye. Moving can be a sentimental experience.

If you have kids, closure can be a big step toward adjusting to their new home. Take a moment or two to acknowledge their feelings. Letting a professional do the packing for you might give you more time to successfully move on.

Bonus Thing to Love on Moving Day: Your Movers

We know you have a lot of choices when you choose a moving company. We hope you’ll contact Wheaton World Wide and say: “be mine.” We’d love to be the thing you love about moving.

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