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Why Your Organization Needs to Offer a Relocation Package

November 23, 2022 | Employee Relocation, Moving Guides & Tips

The Scenario…

You, the HR Director for a fortune 500 company, are lying in bed nearly asleep. The phone rings. On the line is the new VP of Operations and tomorrow is her first day of work in Seattle. You sense she is upset only to find out that the family made it to Seattle during their move, but their possessions did not. The moving company she hired, on her own, (because your company doesn’t have a relocation policy) is not responding to calls or email.

The next day, you investigate the moving company the VP hired, and discover that they were not a moving company at all. They were an online broker with a great website. Now, you need to figure out what the next steps will be.

Sadly, this can happen and could have been easily avoided if only your company had a formal relocation program in place.

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