4 Surprising Health Benefits of Moving to the Coast

For many, the perfect vacation involves sugar-white sand, rays of golden sunshine, and a colorful hammock swaying gently in the breeze. On more than one occasion, you may have even planned and went on such a getaway to a coastal state with your family.

But what if you didn’t have to travel halfway across the country to enjoy an ocean view? What if you could admire the beach from your kitchen window or drive 10 minutes from your home to build sandcastles with your kids?

When you move to a coastal state, you’ll have access to a variety of exciting activities that you can’t enjoy anywhere else. Better still, you can experience all of the following health benefits when you live permanently near the waterside.

1. Ocean Swimming Does Wonders for Your Skin and Muscles

You may already be familiar with the benefits of swimming laps in a pool. You might know that this exercise is easy on the joints and offers a full body, fat-burning workout for beginners and professionals alike.

But swimming in the ocean offers a few advantages that you won’t see in a pool. To start, seawater contains essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you can absorb through your skin. The saltwater and sand also act as natural exfoliates, giving you smoother, healthier skin.

And the more you swim in the ocean, the more you add years to your life. Studies found that those who immersed themselves in cold water multiple times per week have a significantly higher white blood cell count (necessary for fighting infection) than those who do not.

2. Breathing Fresh, Salty Air Improves Oxygen Absorption

City living contributes to a multitude of respiratory conditions. The smog can worsen asthma, and the dusty, polluted air can lead to allergies.

But when you move to smaller cities and towns near the coast, you can say “good-bye” to car exhaust and factory fumes and say “hello” to cleaner, fresher salt air.

According to experts, as the ocean surf pounds against the beach, the action creates negative ions in the air, similar to those seen after spring thunderstorms. These negative ions increase oxygen flow to your brain, resulting in heightened alertness and awareness, decreased fatigue, and greater mental energy.

And though research is ongoing, many speculate that these negatively charged ions may also alleviate symptoms of respiratory conditions, such as asthma or allergies.

3. Living near the Water Reduces Stress Levels

You might already know that drinking water reduces stress, and dehydration leads to an increase in Cortisol production, the stress hormone that contributes to weight gain and hypertension.

But did you know that just looking at water could reduce your stress levels?

Researchers have observed that the human brain is programmed to respond positively to water. Looking at it, being close to it, and interacting with it can reduce stress levels and put us in a calmer state of meditation. For many, living near water provides relief from depression and anxiety while simultaneously boosting creativity, clarity, and focus.

4. Ocean White Noise Enhances Sleep Quality

Many people love the sound of the ocean waves pouring in and pulling out in an endless rhythm. The crash and whoosh create their own ambient music. And the steady flow can often calm fussy children and anxious adults.

When you listen to ocean waves at night, the sound of the surf can mask other ambient and distracting noises that would otherwise interrupt your sleep. And experts have found that those who listen to ocean waves experience reduced muscle tension, stress levels, and heart rates, which all play a key role in your overall sleep quality.

Isn’t It About Time You Left for the Coast?

Although the occasional vacation, trip, or getaway to the beach can give you temporary benefits, you’ll want to move closer to the coast if you want to experience all of these benefits on a regular basis.

So what are you waiting for?

Talk to a real estate agent and schedule an appointment with your moving company. It’s time you improved your health by moving to the coast.

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