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How Do You Adjust to Life in the Country?

January 1, 2017 | Moving Guides & Tips

Are you a city mouse who has decided to try the country life? Have you finally decided to fulfil your dream of rural living?

Whatever your reasons for moving to the countryside, it’s important to remember that life in the country requires an adjustment for most. Your country home offers you a tranquil environment and a beautiful outdoor landscape. However, it also puts you far away from familiar city conveniences.

We’re sure you and your family have prepared for some lifestyle adjustments. That doesn’t always encounter for unexpected bumps along the way. Here are six tips to help guide you in your transition to your new home more easily.

Buy in Bulk or Grow Your Own

You are probably used to driving down the street to buy groceries, but in the country you may have to drive to the next town. If you don’t want to drive to a faraway supermarket every week, stock up on bulk food items at warehouse retailers like Costco or Sam’s Club. You can buy food and household items in bulk to last your family for several weeks at a time.

If you have a green thumb, moving to the country gives you the perfect opportunity to plant a garden. When you grow your own food you not only provide your family with fresh produce, but you also lower your monthly expenses.

Make Time to Stay Home and Time to Go Out

The commute from the countryside takes a little bit longer than what you’re used to in the city. Your child’s elementary school, your new office, the movie theater-anywhere you go will take a planned trip. To avoid driving all over the place, find a way to increase your time at home or consolidate your trips. For example, see if you can work from home instead of commuting to the office five times a week.

To help save time and money, plan out when you need to make trips to town. Advance planning will help you avoid unnecessary travel and help save on gas costs.

Let Yourself Relax

Person lounging in fieldIf you’re used to the noise of cars passing by or your upstairs neighbor playing music at 2 a.m., the quiet solitude of the country can make you feel uneasy. Don’t worry, it will take time to adjust to your new bedtime noises.

You may struggle to fall asleep the first few nights in your new home, but after a little while you’ll acclimate to the sounds of nature and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.


Lend a Helping Hand

Small towns provide tight-knit communities. Everyone knows everyone, and most people like it that way. Unlike the city or the suburbs where you can live in relative anonymity, country residents tend to have close relationships with their neighbors.

As a new resident you may have to work to fit in, but when you volunteer and participate in community organizations, you’ll meet your new neighbors and form friendships.

Appreciate the Finer Things in Life

Life in the country moves more slowly than you’re used to. People might show up an hour late to an appointment or spend Beautiful country home with foliageall day napping by the river. People aren’t necessarily rude or indifferent to your commitments. They just enjoy a different pace. When you live in the country you realize that your greatest priority is the amount of time spent doing what you love.

If you’ve accustomed yourself to a jam-packed schedule, a move to the country gives you the perfect opportunity to spend more time doing something you love. Let yourself appreciate that time.

When you’ve found the perfect piece of country living, make sure you find the right people to move your life. You want someone who will give you the personal attention you need to safely pack and unpack all your belongings. The right movers will make sure your belongings arrive to your new home-no matter what location you choose-exactly as they were. Contact Wheaton today to learn more about choosing the right movers for your journey to the country.

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