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The Challenges and Benefits of Moving Locally

November 23, 2022 | Local Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

If you’re not a fan of moving, or if you’re particularly attached to your current home, you may balk at the idea of moving entirely. Sometimes relocating within your state is unavoidable. You may need a larger home for your growing family, your older home may too expensive to maintain and keep up to code, or you may want to shorten your commute to work.

When considering whether to move locally, you need to remember that any move requires planning and work. A local move may seem simple since you aren’t carting your belongings across state lines, but a poorly planned and executed local move can cause serious stress and frustration.

Weigh the following challenges and benefits to decide whether a local move is right for you.


Any move requires the significant upheaval of a person’s life. You’ve likely established a comfortable groove in your home and community. Establishing that groove elsewhere takes time.

Local moves, in particular, can be hectic because the scope of the endeavor can be underestimated. If you’re moving across town, you may not think you need to pack up all your possessions or hire professional movers. However, trying to fill your car with loose items and make multiple trips each day to get everything moved over can quickly turn into a nightmare.

In order to avoid such problems, local moves should be treated with the same respect and preparation as a cross-country move. Plan out the entire process, including categorizing what needs to be packed together, where each item will go in the new home, and what your timeline will be.

Another challenge you might face is finding a means to adapt old life into your new home. Since you aren’t moving far, it may make more sense to simply relocate everything you own into the new space. However, keep in mind that your current organizational setup was designed specifically for your current home. If your new house is larger or smaller than the original, your belongings may not fit how you like.


Choosing to move to a new home opens up many opportunities and possibilities for you and your family. You’ll have a home that more than likely better meets your needs and a chance to start fresh.

If you’ve put off cleaning out your attic, garage, or junk room for years, moving is the perfect excuse to finally get rid of excess possessions. Decluttering will ease the moving process and provide a more simplified new life.

Moving into a new home also affords you a blank slate. Perhaps you’re financially better off than you were when you moved into your current home, so you can afford to upgrade your furniture and décor. On the other hand, maybe you want to move into a smaller space and have fewer possessions, so you can enjoy a simpler minimalist lifestyle.

Whatever your reasons for moving, when you walk into your empty new home, you have a blank canvas to work with. Having close access to your new home from your current one also allows you to take care of some of the prep work before actually moving out. This reduces stress and makes the process easier since you won’t need to navigate around half-unpacked moving boxes as you paint or plan a design scheme.

Another benefit is close proximity to friends who will likely be willing to help you while you move. Instead of having to find a babysitter in a strange new city as you unpack, your friends, neighbors or even extended family can lend you a hand. Even if you hire movers, you may want to rely on these people since they already know how you like the house arranged. Your friends will likely still be close by and more than willing to offer assistance.

Local moving offers many benefits and can feel liberating, but handling one alone can create unnecessary stress. If you’re ready to relocate, contact the moving experts at Wheaton Worldwide for advice and assistance.

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