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Being Prepared for the Big Day: Your Moving Day Shopping List

November 29, 2022 | Household Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

Out with the old and in with the new. Moving day is exciting, scary and a unique adventure every time. Your job is to be as prepared as possible when the actual day comes. You’ll probably do some purging of closets and drawers while you get ready for moving day, but you’ll also need to do a little bit of shopping for things you’ll need on the first day in the new house.

Start packing your moving day essentials box a week or two before the move. This will keep you from panicking the night before you move in. These items are sure to help you survive the day:

1. Clean bedding and pillows

The first thing you’ll want at the end of moving day is a place to lay your head. Keep a fresh set of sheets and pillows with you or load it onto the truck at the very end so it’s the first thing off during unloading. This way, your first night in your new home will be comfortable and relaxed.

2. Cleaning supplies

When you arrive at your new house don’t expect it to be spotless, although that would be pretty nice, wouldn’t it? Be sure to bring a variety of cleaning supplies, especially for the bathroom so you can use that on moving day. Here’s a few things to include on your shopping list:

  • Sanitizing wipes and multi-surface spray
  • Rags to wipe up dust
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet cleaner & brush
  • Hand soap for the sinks
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Small or hand-held vacuum

3. Toolkit & Flashlights

You might find yourself hanging picture frames, putting together new furniture or assembling bed frames on moving day. Keeping a tool kit with you will make that process go a lot faster. The new house might have an accessible attic or crawl space that you will use as a storage area. Flashlights or a small lantern will keep the area well lit.

4. Miscellaneous

  • Batteries
  • Light bulbs
  • Extension cords
  • Shower curtain
  • Toilet paper
  • Phone charger
  • Daily medications
  • Extra change of clothes

We use a lot more “stuff” every day than we think. Sticky notes and a pen are also great for labeling rooms. Your movers and family will thank you when they don’t have to do the guess work all day.  

5. Snacks for you, your kids, and your pets

Who doesn’t love snacks? Keep a case of water and some quick snacks around to eat during breaks. If you’re moving with little kids, try giving them a job like being in charge of the moving day survival box. If your four-legged friends are along for the ride make sure to have all appropriate litter boxes, leashes, cages and toys to keep them happy and occupied.

As always, Wheaton is here to make your move seamless. Look at our Moving Checklist to prepare for an upcoming move or contact a local agent to see what Wheaton can do for you.

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