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What Should I Look for In a Nationwide Moving Company?

November 29, 2022 | Long Distance Moves

We know that a coast-to-coast relocation takes a long time to handle on your own. Hiring a nationwide moving company like Wheaton Worldwide can make a world of difference. Our expert team is here to guide your move in the best direction.

When you’re relocating across the country, it’s important that you trust in your moving company. Here’s a guide to finding the right moving company for you! 

What questions should I ask an international moving company? 

When you’re searching for a cross-country moving company to help you in your next relocation, it’s important to understand the right questions to ask. Knowing which details to look for in the company’s plan helps you determine whether they’re truly worth hiring.

When evaluating your cross-country moving options, be sure to consider the following:

  • Is my quote binding or non-binding? Always request a binding cross-country moving quote from your van line. Otherwise, the cost of cross-country movers can easily exceed your outlined budget.
  • Does the mover contract jobs to another company? Work only with cross-country moving companies that contact and are affiliated with national van lines. Ensure the company is an agent for a van line when preparing for a cross-country move.
  • Do the movers have references? Always ask your moving company for at least three references from customers in your area or visit their website to read customer reviews and testimonials.

What qualities should I look for in a nationwide moving company? 


From the start of your moving experience, the movers at Wheaton are reachable at all times, ready to adjust to your busy schedule and accommodate any sudden changes that arise, both before and on moving day. We understand that plans can change at any time, and we’re ready to address any new tasks during your move and create a solution that will save you both time and stress for more important matters. We make certain that your relocation is handled quickly and effectively in every stage of the process.

An exceptional reputation

With over 110 years of nationwide moving experience, Wheaton Worldwide knows which services are the most valuable to you. With the moving world in a state of constant change, our staff strives to keep up to date on newer and better methods of moving, custom packing and storage. Keeping ourselves updated on innovations helps us make moving projects easier and more efficient for our customers. We understand the important details of cross-country moving better than any other moving company today.

Our thorough moving practices, dedicated customer service and affordable rates have earned us recognition as a top-rated moving company. Our extensive history of successful cross-country moves has earned us the title of ProMover by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), among other accolades.

Good ratings, reviews, and testimonials 

Wheaton Worldwide Van Lines makes it a point to not only fully assist our customers, but to inform them of effective ways to make moving personally more manageable, whether it be locally, state to state or across the country. But don’t take our word for it—check out our testimonials page to see what Wheaton customers are saying about us! 

Getting started with Wheaton: Beginnings Your Moving Journey

Our national movers exemplify the high standards you’d expect from a reputable moving company and are ready when you are to give your cross-country relocation the thorough treatment it deserves. Contact us today for a complimentary in-home estimate on the spot.

To speak with a Wheaton Worldwide representative, please give us a call at 1-866-784-2348. We are looking forward to helping you with your move.

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