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The devil’s in the details

July 2, 2009 | Household Moves, Packing Guides & Tips

The mover may be hired and your belongings organized for your move, but don’t forget all of the services you’re leaving behind.

Here’s a partial list of companies you should contact before moving:

  • Notify telephone, electric, gas and water companies. Use Wheaton’s helpful Utility Connection Center to disconnect and reconnect many of your utilities. Visit
  • Discontinue service with your cable company and local newspapers.
  • Change your magazine subscriptions.
  • Cancel the security company, lawn service or any other type of regular service.
  • Advise your post office of your new address in advance of moving.
  • Contact your dentist and doctor to have medical records transferred to your new location.
  • Gym memberships and other organizations may reimburse or pro-rate your account for pre-paid services.

Save time, money and headaches by accounting for the small details.

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