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Tips for Moving with Kids – Wheaton

June 24, 2011 | Household Moves

You’ve heard it time and time again, “Moving is stressful.” Obviously. Add kids to the equation and you might just double that stress level. But some families just aren’t aware of the amount of toys, kids clothes, gadgets and more that their kids really do have stored away, so when it comes time to pack it all up the scene can be overwhelming. We pulled out all of the tips from Wheaton’s 72 Moving Tips Guide that deal with children. Enjoy!

Top Tips for Moving with Kids

#8. CDs and DVDs. These can make for a heavy carton. Go through and eliminate those no longer used, and sell them for cash.
#9. The kids’ toys. Now is the time to clean out the toy box. If the kids are old enough, give them incentive. Let them stage their own garage sale and keep the profits to buy something special, after you’ve moved.
#14. The swing set. You’ll probably come out ahead if you replace it rather than move it.
#17. Pianos and organs. If they are an enjoyable part of your lifestyle, move them. If your furniture is just impressive trimming, you might want to trim  your moving cost.
#30. Flag poles and basketball goals. Sell them with the house and save yourself time, trouble and money.
#41. Check with orthodontist, pediatricians, etc. Arrange with the practitioner to pro-rate payments with a professional in your destination city.
#45. Lockers. Be sure to collect all your belongings in club or school lockers.

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