What Do I Need to Pack Everything I Have?

You’ve done your best to prepare for your upcoming move. You made your lists and checked them twice. You’ve stayed in touch with your moving company, kept up with your schedule, and stayed calm during the process. There’s one thing left for you to complete, however, and you’ve been putting it off… packing. Nobody likes packing for a move. It’s the easiest thing to ignore, put off, and save for later. It’s also one of those things that can creep up on you incredibly quickly. 

Keep packing from surprising you at the last second by tackling it in small, easy-to-accomplish steps. Step one: gather all the packing materials you’ll need to make everything else easier in turn. If even that sounds a little daunting, don’t worry–we’re here to help. Just gather everything on this checklist and you’ll be ready to start packing in earnest. Let’s start with the basics:

The Packing Basics


Everything else!


Once you’ve got your materials, it’s time to pack. Check out one of our helpful packing guides for further direction. Don’t forget: no matter what help you need with your next move, Wheaton has you covered. Give us a call anytime and we’ll work with you to make your next move as easy as possible.