What Should I Expect From My Overseas Move?

Moving overseas is a common daydream. You imagine taking in the new sights and experiences, adopting a new culture, learning the language and customs. Making new friends! Learning! Growing! Expanding your horizons! Really living! All the daydream facts about moving overseas are true, too–it really can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

That said, it’s not all daydreams and self-actualization. There’s a lot of hard work and stress involved in moving overseas. There are logistics, legal, personal and physical plans to make. Not to mention emotional impacts to weigh! It’s a lengthy, involved process. If you’re at the beginning of that process and in need of guidance, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ll cover the things you should expect from an overseas move. Here’s what you should know:

What are the biggest surprises that come with moving overseas?

Even the best planner can end up surprised or blindsided by certain aspects of an overseas move. Some of the most commonly-shared surprises ex-pats have told us about are:

How does the physical act of moving change when it’s across oceans?

There are a few key differences between moving within the country and moving out of it. Differences like:

How can I best prepare for all these changes?

The best way to prepare for all these changes is to take your time with the process. Don’t rush a big change like moving overseas or it will become overwhelming. As you prepare, make sure you take the time to:

Making a move overseas is an amazing, exciting adventure. It can be life-affirming and life-changing. Give yourself the chance to focus on the good parts instead of the scary ones by partnering with Wheaton. Our years of international moving and packing service experience make us the right people to get in touch with when planning your next big move.