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Tips on Moving

Senior Moves

Watching your elderly parents move can be more stressful than moving yourself. Depending how long they’ve been in their home, it may be hard for them to want to leave. With years of accumulated family history to sort through you’ll have your work cut out for you – especially if they’re downsizing or relocating to…

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Long Distance Moves

Moving away from home is both exciting and daunting. On one hand, there’s the thrill of starting fresh in a new place with new experiences. On the other, there’s the fear of not knowing what’s out there and how you’ll adjust to the change. The moving experts at Wheaton have compiled the truths about moving…

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Wheaton News & Events

Announced Thursday, March 2 at our fourth annual Van Line Summit & Awards Gala, Wheaton awarded top honors to an outstanding driver in the network as 2022 Wheaton Driver of the Year. To be eligible for the award, individuals must first earn a Driver of the Month award between January 2022 and December 2022 and…

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Household Moves

From California to New York, our customers have a knack for taking Wheaton agents all over the country. Check out these 2022 moving trends based on our customers’ highest outbound and inbound states: Outbound States:  50.9% of all network moves originated in these 7 states:  California: 12.85% of network moves were loaded in California Florida:…

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